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Weight Loss Bootcamp

Boutique weight loss retreat at NuBeginnings

NuBeginnings is a unique residential weight loss retreat. NuBeginnings offers specially designed packages for women and men who want to lose weight, feel fitter and increase your general wellbeing.

Our unique approach combines a programme of nutrition, exercise and personally designed therapies – we will help you to change your relationship with food and yourself. Our weight loss packages are designed to get you great results during your stay and when you return home.

You will work hard here and you will see fantastic results [see weightloss page.]

We are a weight loss boot camp with a difference. Our focus is on why you are making poor food choices rather than simply addressing the consequences. We are a life changing programme and we trust our past guests to tell you why. [See Testimonials]

Weight Loss Bootcamp Packages

NuBeginnings luxury weight loss boot camp has three packages available for you to choose from.

The Re-Start Package: The basic level package with the amazing nutritional programme and exercise programme. There are no therapies or massages included in this package. It is NuBeginnings pared down to the very basics.

The Re-New Package: The holistic package with everything detailed above plus the therapies that allow you to change your relationship with food and make long term changes to your health and life. A potent mix of hypnotherapy, NLP, massage and acupuncture all combine to help you achieve what you want.

The Re-Vitalise Package: The bespoke package with everything detailed above and your chance to decide exactly what it is you want to do. Perhaps you don’t like hiking and would rather have extra personal training instead. Or maybe you love hiking and don’t like Qi-Gong. You tell us what you want and we make it happen (if we can).

Our focus is on giving you a ‘NuBeginning’ – helping you to lead a healthier, happier and more positive life.

NuBeginnings is truly unique and offers the best boot camp experience you could have. Give us your time and let us give you the real you back!