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Losing weight is never as easy as it seems it should be. Life has a funny habit of getting in the way. Here are some of our top tips from the UK's only Weight Loss Boutique Boot Camp, ideas on where you might want to focus and of course random thoughts. Take your time to read our weight loss blogs and understand more about weight loss from me Victoria Wills. I have been there and achieve great weight loss, it's why I launched the NuBeginnings weigh loss boot camp and why I share my thoughts on this page in my weight loss blogs. If you have an idea of something you would like to know more about then please drop us a line and we shall do our best to add it in there. Dig in and see what interests you.

The cause of your bad eating habits

Posted on 26th August 2012 in Weight Loss category.

Do you find yourself catching sight of yourself in a shop window on the high street or a mirror and find the reflection looking back at you does not bear the slightest resemblance to how you think you look? So what is the reason for it – what drives your bad eating habits? Bad eating habits… Read More

Are you a Slave to the Scale

Posted on 16th March 2012 in Weight Loss category.

Are you one of those people who constantly watches your weight on the scale? Are you a Slave to the Scale – You feel great when it shows a fall… and when it shows even a minute rise… you feel the world is about to end and the only remedy is a huge bowl of… Read More

Mindful Eating Rules

Posted on 2nd February 2012 in Weight Loss category.

Mindful eating is one of the cornerstones of my weight loss success. It is totally, vitally important. One of the things I like to do periodically to keep myself AND NuBeginings on track is spend some time there as a guest myself. After all, I can’t expect anyone to do something I’m not prepared to… Read More

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