The endless judging of women based on their size and shape seems to be getting sillier and sillier.

First we were supposed to look down on the miserably thin, unhappy and unhealthy models wandering down the cat walk. I mean some of them certainly do look pretty unwell but hey-ho. Each to their own. There are certainly cases of disordered eating and horrible pressure from the fashion houses and designers wanting models to look a certain way, no matter the cost. Then again there will be women who just look like that and feel fine.

Then there was a backlash against the super thin. The great British public decided that things were getting out of hand. So in a bid to calm the masses models have started to turn the other way. From putting limits on the lowest healthy weight that would be accepted on the cat walk. To now the ‘larger’ models. Yes people the plus size models are making a stand. Shhhhh – don’t tell anyone – but there are even some startlingly beautiful and sexy larger ladies out there. I know – it’s shocking isn’t it?

Well now the media are saying that models are getting too fat. Yes seriously.

The article I found the other day – here. Is complaining that “curvy” models – one of the least charming of the rather banal euphemisms for fat – are causing a health crisis by being “curvy”.



Ummmm. My first reaction was to think this was a joke. Look at her – in her underwear – walking down the catwalk. Looking rather fabulous. She isn’t “curvy”. She’s a million miles from obese. Trust me – I know what I looked like in my underwear at nearly 300lbs and it certainly wasn’t like that. She looks healthy and fabulous, and really not very curvy as far as I can see.

People aren’t eating food and getting fatter because there is the occasional model who isn’t a size 4 wandering around. How can it be a bad thing for anyone’s health or wellbeing for people to say that it’s possible to be a size (gasp) 16 and still look sexy and be healthy?

There’s skinny fat now too. So you might be skinny (but still too fat to be healthy thanks to visceral fat) or you might be “curvy” (which appears to mean anything from size 10 upwards) and still you’re not in a good place.

How is it that women’s shapes and sizes have become so utterly open to scrutiny and ridicule by anyone and everyone? It’s absurd. It is unhealthy and it is totally unhelpful to anyone struggling with their relationship with food – whichever end of that struggle they may be at.

OK rant over. My suggestion, for what it is worth… is go stand in front of the mirror. Pick the one thing you like the most about yourself, whatever that may be, and give yourself a compliment. Then go about your day as the ever fabulous person you are.