What has a weight loss boot camp got to do with elections you ask? Wel….Now the furore has died down and the dust has settled, I think it’s worth looking at a very important lesson we can learn from last week’s General Election.

As you’ll know the vote was indecisive and no party had an overall majority. In short, no one actually got what they wanted – events beyond their control interceded to prevent them from realising their goal.

Now this topical example is a good analogy for what happens in many areas of our lives, not least weight loss.

Consider: you have a weight loss goal and for whatever reason you’re not going to achieve it in the time you set yourself. Say you’re going on holiday and that 14lb weight-loss you wanted to achieve didn’t come about for one reason or another.

Well, just like the party leaders last week, you have a choice to make: you can either give up and call the whole thing off; or you can put in time, effort and thought into what you can achieve as a reasonable compromise.

Now, I know some people see compromise as being tantamount to failure, but I think that attitude is unhelpful and, to be honest, somewhat short-sighted.

Sometimes we simply can’t have what we want right now, and that often sees us reacting in a knee-jerk fashion and rather than taking a positive and useful view that, say, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, we’ll cut off our noses to spite our faces and settle for nothing.

That might be emotionally satisfying at the time, and give us the pleasure of “proving our point”, but ultimately it’s not useful and does nothing to move us towards our real goals.

In the case of Cameron and Clegg, they’ve settled for less than they wanted, but more than they’d have if they stamped their feet and refused to compromise. And, of course, they’re now in a position to begin working for more of what they want from a position of strength.

So if you’ve slipped on your diet and you’ve realised you’re not going to reach goals for this Summer, rather than giving up and concluding it’s pointless now and you’ll “try again” next year, compromise.

Look for what you can achieve rather than what you can’t and decide what that’s going to give you.

And then, just like the party leaders, once the holiday is over, you’ll be in a strong position to aim for and start working towards that ultimate goal you’re desperate to achieve.