Caroline – Office Manager
Caroline works tirelessly to ensure that all your needs are met even before you think of them. She is probably the first person you will speak to on the phone and she is completely committed to ensuring that you will benefit from our programme.

Jennie – NuBeginnings Manager
Jennie is the manager of NuBeginnings. She lives at Westwell Hall so is always available when you need someone to talk to. Jennie will ensure you enjoy every moment of your time with us and she will call you every week for two months after your stay. She specialises in that special brand of NuBeginnings tough love.

David – NuBeginnings Manager
David is the manager at NuBeginnings. He is a man of many talents and works tirelessly as a hiking guide as well. He is available throughout your stay to ensure that your every need is met.

Jodie – House Keeper
Jodie is a key member of the team. She makes sure that NuBeginnings is spotless and a pleasure to be in. Making your bed, cleaning your bathroom – doing everything to make your life easier and ensure you have a really comfortable stay at NuBeginnings.

Teresa – House Manager
Teresa is a vital part of the NuBeginnings team. Ensuring your surroundings are clean and tidy and that your room remains a haven of tranquility. Teresa makes sure you are comfortable throughout your stay.