I have just been for a beautiful walk with my two dogs.

Snert and Percy enjoying the sunshine

Snert the spaniel and Percy the pug had a wonderful time playing around in the mud. I had a lovely time wandering around, soaking up some October vitamin D and having a little time and space to think. Weight loss boot camp isn’t all about blood, sweat and tears ;)

Walking is wonderful exercise – it’s easy, requires no equipment and it’s free. More importantly it is a wonderful chance to ponder the things that are running about in your head. It can be wonderfully meditative and I love having the opportunity to ponder some of life’s little challenges.

Whilst out I came across the weirdest sign

Singing melons?? Really??

Being that my French is not perfect I thought this meant singing melons. How very Harry Potter I thought to myself. Alas they were not a field of singing melons. It directly translates to melon building site…so really I am none the wiser. I can however promise you I saw no melons wandering around with hard hats – then again it is Sunday so maybe they’ve all taken the day off ;)

Happy walking, do let me know if you come across anything fun on your walking adventures.