At NuBeginnings weight loss boot camp we are slightly obsessed by water. Everyone knows water is essential for life. But what most people don’t know is:

1. You need to drink far more than you probably think. A moderately active adult human being should drink water steadily throughout the day. And while your intake will vary depending on your activity levels, your weight, and the temperature a good “rule of thumb” for water requirements is weight in pound / 2 = oz. of water / day. So if you weigh 10 stone, or 154lb, then you ought to be drinking at least 77 fluid oz of water a day. That’s about 4 pints or 2 litres. That’s a lot more than most people drink. At first you’ll find yourself running back and forth to the loo a lot… but you’ll soon get used to it as your body finds a new equilibrium.

2. Even a small amount of dehydration can have dramatic effects on your mental and physical performance, especially when it comes to weight-loss. A tiny loss of 2% of your bodyweight (just 1kg for a 50kg person) causes an increase in perceived effort and research suggests it can reduce performance by 10-20%; a fluid loss of more than 3-5% bodyweight reduces aerobic exercise performance noticeably and impairs reaction time, judgement, concentration and decision making. You might think this is a lot of fluid to lose, but don’t be deceived: my cycling friend can lose 2 to 3lb in just an hour’s cycling on a hot day.

In terms of weight loss, not only is water essential to our being able to work out with suitably intensity, but it’s also necessary to help carry away the waste products of the fat we burn as we lose weight. Allowing these to build up in your body can leave you feeling rotten.

This is why at NuBeginnings not only do we provide you with your own custom-made water bottle (complete with a special filter in the lid, so the water you’re drinking is pure and refreshing!), but we also constantly remind you to keep drinking!

Fact is, if you’re thirsty… it’s too late and you’re already dehydrated.

Drink steadily, little and often, and you’ll be fine.