At the risk of sounding a bit smug I wanted to let you know it is 32degrees and beautiful here at our weight loss boot camp in France today.

However summer seems to be well and truly over in the UK and Autumn seems to have taken up residence… the nights are already drawing in, the mornings duller and greyer… and before we know it, Winter will muscle its way in and take over.
And, if you’re like most people – me included – you can start to let it get you down a bit. It’s a proven malady, if you like, and entirely natural. And what makes it worse is it creeps up on us slowly and insidiously.

Worst of all, if you’re working hard to lose weight and it’s something you find a challenge at the best of times, even without realising it the onset of Winter and the fading of the light can lead us into the dreaded trinity of Comfort Eating, Laziness, and Procrastination.
In short, we get lackadaisical about out eating habits and exercise regimes and slowly but surely begin to put the pounds back on… and none of this is helped, of course, by us wrapping ourselves in heavy clothes so we can’t see the changes and then telling ourselves the New Year is just around the corner and we can start afresh then.

So NOW is the time to stop any backsliding dead in its tracks – we need to reaffirm our goals and aspirations and nip any bad-habits in the bud before they become a problem.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself on track (and I recommend you do them NOW and then repeat them at least once a week).
1. Go back over your goals and Journal and just do a “sanity check”. Make sure where you are headed is still where you want to end up.
2. Make sure you congratulate yourself for the progress you have made. You’ll tend to focus on any mistakes you’ve made. But you shouldn’t – you can’t change them. Just learn from them, accept them, and move on.
3. Write in your Journal every day – record everything. Over time there’s a tendency to let it slip. That’s not the best policy because in the same way anything measured improves… anything NOT measured tends to drift back to the mean (I’ll write about this in another post).
4. Re-state your goals to your friends, family and colleagues. If we commit to something publicly, it tends to make us more likely to see it through. Remember, everyone else is sliding back into Winter, too… and it’s too easy for you to follow along.
5. Promise yourself a real treat at Christmas. It’s not that far off, and as a treat promise yourself a week off your eating plan and exercise regime. It’s a rest you can look forward to and one you’ll certainly have earned.

Finally, think seriously, deeply, long and hard about joining us at NuBeginnings early in the New Year. It’s the perfect time to reconsolidate your position after Christmas and a fantastic prelude to Spring and next Summer (which will be here to greet the new slimmer and healthier you before you know it!).