I know from my own experience over many, many years that being overweight can leave you feeling miserable, angry and even… resentful.

Worse, this anger and resentment we often push onto other people, not only punishing them for how we are and how we feel, but also, over time, sometimes even blaming them for it.

Yet here’s something to think about: when you’re talking about how your weight and how you feel, my guess is you say something like, “It makes me feel really…”.

And the important word there is… makes.

Because in truth, it doesn’t make you at all. There is exactly one person responsible for the way you feel, and it’s the same person you see when you look in the mirror.

Now, I’m not suggesting you can always help the way you feel, at least in the very short term, but the fact is your feelings are always and only your own responsibility (this is something we’re really focusing on in the hypnotherapy sessions and mindset therapies at NuBeginnings France because it’s so important).

This truth is somewhat uncomfortable, I won’t deny, because it implicitly puts the onus firmly back on us for solving our problems. Not only can we not blame anyone else for our being overweight, but we can’t expect them to fix it for us, either. Blaming them for it is natural, easy, satisfying… but very, very unfair. It can and does destroy relationships, marriages and even people’s entire lives.

And this is tacitly what many of us do when we get angry and resentful of other people, turning our anger outwards rather than inwards which is really where it belongs (anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s bad only if you can’t control it, direct it or use its power for positive change… and then let it disappear as you take steps to change what you’re getting angry about).

I won’t pretend it’s easy, changing like this, especially if you’re stubborn and insist on doing it all by yourself.

You can, yes, because that’s just what I did.

But it took me many years and a lot of stumbling along into dead-ends, blind-alleys, traps and pitfalls before I really mastered the essential skills we need to make change happen for us (fortunately NuBeginnings’ Guests have a fast, effective and very simple shortcut because I’ve done all the hard work for you already!).

It’s been said of resentment that it’s like “drinking poison and then waiting for the other person to die”. Meaning, it’s a destructive emotion we try to project onto others, yet the only person it hurts is ourselves.

One of the core principles of all our work at NuBeginnings is to help you take back control of and responsibility for your emotions and weight-loss goals and re-programme your subconscious mind so losing weight and achieving your goals becomes easy, almost effortless and a lot of fun.