Building Muscle – Why you need it and What to Do?

Muscle and the building of muscle is often something we think of in relation to the male of our species; however it‘s also very important for the ladies. Of course, we’re not talking about pumping iron until reaching Arnie proportions. More-so basic muscle building and conditioning.

There are a number of reasons to include it. Muscle building helps men and women with weight loss and aids the re-sculpting of those problem areas of the body such as the underarms, legs and butt.

How does it help?

As you’re probably aware, exercise increases the metabolic rate and this remains heightened after exercise meaning the body burns more for longer. This is essentially down to the increased need for oxygen in the body after a workout, meaning the body has to work harder for longer and burns more calories for longer.

Weightlifting raises your metabolic rate and also helps you build muscle. Muscles are very important if you’re looking to burn fat; as one pound of muscle burns a lot more calories than a pound of fat does.

Weight lifting builds muscle and also helps burn fat and calories and so provides a dual advantage. Aside from this weight lifting also helps to increase stamina and will increase bone density – very important as you age, as we’ve mentioned in a recent blog.

A Mixture

I also suggest that it is important to add cardiovascular fitness into a regime of weight building to ensure all the benefits. Aerobic training and muscle building workouts help you attain that lean and muscular body, while also increasing the muscle to fat ratio, which is good for long term weight loss.

Tips for Building Muscle

  • Ideally you should work out a few times a week (3 is a good starting point). This is enough exercise to help the body to build muscle.
  • You need to push yourself when building muscle. If you are not pushing yourself, you will not build muscle. The burning sensation (resistance) you get when building muscle is created by lactic acid and this stimulates muscle growth. This resistance creates stronger muscles and a more toned look.
  • Food is very important when exercising. For instance if you are cutting calories and also trying to build muscle you may have problems, your muscles may not have enough energy. When building muscles try to ensure you are keeping your protein levels up.
  • When building muscle you should measure your body fat and not your body weight. Muscle weighs more than fat and if you’re gaining muscle you may in fact gain weight. Essentially, it’s about how you look and feel and weight may not always be a good signifier of this.

Looking good and feeling great is not going to happen over night and it involves lots of different things. Weight training is just one, and like everything else we talk about at NuBeginnings, it really benefits you as part of a holistic approach.