It has been a packed few days at NuBeginnings France. I have finally found some beautiful furniture for the grand salon. Fabulous french carved wooden furniture from the 1800s. It is lovely. Sadly it is in very bad condition and horse hair abounds so it needs some serious TLC.

In order to secure this French loveliness I went to the auction house and braved the rapid fire French numbers being yelled out by a betweeded French gentleman. Having secured my booty it was then onto the conundrum of how to get it from the auction house back to Milly.

Tia most kindly agreed to drive the hire van for me. I do not feel confident driving big vehicles – I bounce off the curb in a golf let alone braving the roads in a truck. So Tia and I set off back to the auction house to collect the goods.

Today the “Tapissier” came round clutching some fabric options for recovering the furniture. I chose my favourite and off he went to do the quote.

So why am I telling you this less than high octane tale of furniture? What has this got to do with losing weight?

Well OK it’s got nothing directly to do with losing weight – not a thing.

What it does illustrate though is that when we decide we really want to get something done we get cracking. Over the last three days – 2 hour return trip plus 5 hours at the auction, organise van hire plus 2 hour return trip the next day in said hire van to collect the furniture, today a one hour meeting with the fabric man to chose the new coverings.

So in three days all is organised. I know we can’t reach our weight loss goals in three days…..really I do know that. However the difference is how we act when we are determined to reach our goals and take action and really work hard. And how we act when we meander about and kind of head in the right direction to get to our goal at some point.

After all I could have watched those chairs march out the door with someone else – I could have bided my time, waiting for an even more beautiful set of furniture to appear (mysteriously from the ether). I could have missed my opportunity by just waiting a little too long to put in my bid. There are all kinds of ways I could have missed my chance.

And the point I am trying to make (admittedly in a somewhat roundabout way) is that there is no time like the present. Grab the opportunity to decide what you want to achieve and then if you really want to achieve it. If you decide that you do want to achieve it then have a look at the excuses as to why you have not done so yet. Simple as that.

And if you want any French furniture let me know – I am a new auction addict and would love an excuse to head back there.