Hunger pangs – don’t you hate them? They have the ability to destroy a day’s intense dieting in mere seconds. So how do you get them out of your life?

     Well, there’s lots of ways. And none of them are particularly painful, quite the opposite in fact. Here’s a list right here:

Avoid Hunger pangs by Eating slowly

It takes 20 minutes for the message to get to you brain (hypothalamus) from the stomach to tell you that you’re full. So it makes sense to eat slowly. Enjoy and savour your food. Concentrate on it completely which means no multi-tasking. At NuBeginnings there are no papers and no TVs. We want you to get used to eating without reading the newspaper or watching TV while eating lunch or dinner. It makes a huge difference – I call it The PopCorn Effect.

Drinking a glass of water prior to eating will also help you to eat more slowly. Very often we get thirst and hunger signals confused.

Avoid hunger pangs by Relaxing

Getting stressed is one of the biggest causes of over-eating. Instead of reaching for that digestive biscuit or packet of wine gums in your handbag the next time a client order goes wrong, try a bit of concentrated breathing instead. Focus on your diaphragm and slowly inhale/exhale several times. Incidentally, salmon, turkey and sweet potatoes are all foods which reduce stress. (I’ll tell you why on another day)

Avoid hunger pangs by Re-hydrating

Sometimes those hunger pangs could actually be the body’s way of telling you it needs to re-hydrate (ie drink more water). So try downing a glass of water next time your stomach hurts to see if it’ll put an end to those stomach cramps. You could also try eating a piece of fruit or chomping on a few carrot or celery sticks.


A drink made from low-sodium stock cubes can temporarily stave off those stomach cravings without leading to you gaining any extra calories.

Avoid smelling food

An interesting study conducted at Cincinnatti University’s Obesity Research Centre showed that a waft of delicious food increased insulin levels in subjects by 20 per cent – despite them just having eaten a full meal. Twenty minutes later they had hunger pangs.

Fill up on fibre

Taking a bag of carrot, cucumber or celery sticks around with you to nibble on regularly throughout the day keeps the hunger pangs at bay. This is because these vegetables are high in fibre – a substance that takes a while to go through the digestive tract, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

There – we told you they weren’t going to be painful. We’d love to hear if you have a successful way of crushing those hateful hunger pangs that you’d like to share with us.