I have returned for another week at NuBeginnings.

Well actually I came back to get some things sorted at my house and enjoy some NuBeginnings TLC.

I have a house literally just down the road from NuBeginnings so it’s pretty easy to get between the two.

Problem is everything has gone wrong…

There is no water at my house – as in none. I can’t even flush a loo. There is a huge ditch dug all round the house to try and sort out the problem.

There is no broadband, no TV and there is damp all down at least two walls.

It’s a complete pain in the backside and I am getting very fed up.

Thing is this is exactly the kind of thing that used to have me heading for the nearest biscuit barrel – and not for one or two – I mean the whole barrel. This isn’t to say that I thought that I could make the water work by ingesting biscuits, or I believed the sky man would suddenly work out why I have no internet as long as I consumed enough kitkats.

Nope – I simply wanted to feel better – a little less stressed and just better.

Sadly biscuits – or indeed food of any sort – is not going to achieve that. It hasn’t worked up until now and it’s not suddenly going to start.

However people sometimes think there is a panacea. There isn’t. Life still has trials, tribulations and irritations – it’s just that there are better, more helpful and frankly nicer ways of dealing with them than by turning to food. I promise you.