Do you find yourself catching sight of yourself in a shop window on the high street or a mirror and find the reflection looking back at you does not bear the slightest resemblance to how you think you look? So what is the reason for it – what drives your bad eating habits?

Bad eating habits and what causes them

The question you may ask yourself is how did I let myself put the weight on and how did things get this bad?  Or at what point did I let me myself go? Maybe your weight is now affecting your self-esteem.

You are not alone. There are lots of people out there thinking the exact same questions as you are.  Struggling with weight is not new it is something most of us struggle with at some point in our life.

The main reason for this is we are constantly surrounded with messages and images of “being thin” and the need to be smaller, with thanks to the media.  Women in particular tend to correlate weight with self-esteem, and tend to feel better about themselves when closer to their weight target.

It often seems easy to create a meal plan with all good intentions to lose weight by eating less calories.  It sounds easy so why do the majority of women struggle to achieve this?  The answer to this is that losing weight is a complex psychological process.  The process comprises your behaviour, thought patterns, culture and past experiences.  No diet in the world will help you to lose weight if you are not in the correct state of mind and have boundaries (psychological factors) blocking the way.

Food is not just a source of energy but is used to reward or even punish ourselves.  Food is associated with being sociable and food can be used to feel in control.  Food therefore is not just fuel!

Food is not addictive but the feelings we get from food are.  Some people find they feel good about themselves if they eat chocolate or some of us like to have a glass of wine when we get home.  Yes wine is filled with calories.  Or if we have had a bad day at work we reward ourselves with a takeaway pizza or Chinese.

The psychological factors will vary from person to person, there is no set answer.  One way to find what is stopping you from losing weight is to attend a weight loss boot camp that specialises in finding the root cause.

Weight loss boot camps are also described as weight loss retreats or fat camps for adults.  This grown up version has been around for years and years.  But growing awareness of health risks associated with eating and the popularity of programmes such as “You are what  you eat” and “The Biggest Loser”, has seen the popularity of fat camps rise significantly in recent years.

NuBeginnings was founded by someone who has struggled with food and her weight.  NuBeginnings unique approach to weight loss can help you change how you connect to food and ensure that when you return home from the weight loss boot camp the weight will stay away.

Losing weight once the psychological factors are explored in a fat farm can be very easily achieved.  Once these factors are unlocked you can always be in control of your weight.

What are you waiting for, put that Crunchie down and contact NuBeginnings today. Just call 01271 862 792 we look forward to getting you to your goal.