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Losing weight is never as easy as it seems it should be. Life has a funny habit of getting in the way. Here are some of our top tips, ideas on where you might want to focus and of course random thoughts. If you have an idea of something you would like to know more about then please drop us a line and we shall do our best to add it in there. Dig in and see what interests you.

How do we stack up against other weight loss retreats?

Posted on 13th January 2015 in Blog category.

One of our guests this week gave Dave (the manager) a hard time. The guest was cross that the NuBeginnings website doesn’t really make it clear how different we are from other weight loss retreats. That’s a really tough one – because we think we do. But if the guest didn’t see the difference then… Read More

Making Great Resolutions

Posted on 29th December 2014 in Blog category.

I spent 14 hours in the car yesterday. Most of them in stationary traffic on the M6 and M1. It was rather a tedious journey – but it did give me a chance to think about what I would like to do differently next year. It is normal as we come to the end of… Read More

Christmas Time

Posted on 15th December 2014 in Blog category.

It’s getting to that point in December when the eating and drinking binges are getting a bit much for some people. It’s that weird time of year when everyone tends to go a bit nuts. It’s cold and dark and the food and drink is everywhere. I am in France at the moment and even… Read More

Three kinds of people who CAN’T come to Weight Loss Boot Camp

Posted on 28th June 2014 in Blog category.

There are people who I don’t want at NuBeginnings. There are three kinds of people who are simply not welcome at NuBeginnings. Not now, not ever. The first group are those who are thinking that just maybe they would like to lose a little weight. It’s not that important but it might be nice and… Read More

The weight loss dentist.

Posted on 18th June 2014 in Blog category.

I did something scary today. I went to the dentist. Well OK, it wasn’t really that scary but I don’t think anyone looks forward to going to the dentist do they? I had the usual lecture about flossing my teeth. There are things that I know I should do, that I know are good for… Read More

Raw chicken scare?

Posted on 16th June 2014 in Blog category.

BBC: Chicken scare I am not saying avoid chicken – just be careful  

Weight Loss Boot Camp Vegetable Fabulousness

Posted on 16th June 2014 in Blog category.

The sunshine is out – ever a good thing. Did you know that the majority of the female UK population is deficient in Vitamin D?? The sunshine can deal with that. It also makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating routine – a weight loss boot camp one – or otherwise. The fabulous… Read More

Dog Detox Too

Posted on 6th January 2014 in Blog category.

They have spelt my name wrong but otherwise here is a rather good article on the difference it can make for you to share your journey with your furry friend.

Doggy Boot Camp

Posted on 17th November 2013 in Blog category.

This week at NuBeginnings we are doing something different. For the first time in the UK humans and their doggy friends are working together to lose weight. The concept is that we tend to project our feelings and emotions onto our dogs. So if we believe a piece of cheese is going to cheer us… Read More

I am back at NuBeginnings

Posted on 10th September 2013 in Blog category.

I have returned for another week at NuBeginnings. Well actually I came back to get some things sorted at my house and enjoy some NuBeginnings TLC. I have a house literally just down the road from NuBeginnings so it’s pretty easy to get between the two. Problem is everything has gone wrong… There is no… Read More

Exercise: How to Avoid Burnout

Posted on 22nd April 2013 in Blog category.

We spend a lot of our time helping people make the important first steps towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. In many cases, these first steps are certainly the hardest, but what challenges are you likely to face later down the line? If you have a good routine of exercising regularly and eating healthily there… Read More

Tips for Building Stronger Bones

Posted on 12th March 2013 in Blog category.

The number of people at risk or already suffering from osteoporosis is much higher than many people realise. The worst of it is that many people don’t even know they are at risk. The body builds around 90 per cent of bone mass by the time you end your teens. After that growth slows and… Read More

Why Walking is the Best Form of Exercise

Posted on 26th February 2013 in Blog category.

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful exercise trends. From upside down yoga to shaking vibrating bum wiggling exercise plates. Though these types of exercise can be fun, there’s much to suggest that the oldest of all exercises is the best of all. Walking for All Unlike other forms of exercise that require a… Read More

Healthy Winter Foods – Our Top 5

Posted on 21st February 2013 in Blog category.

Winter is a difficult time of year for eating healthily. With salad and many other vegetables out of season, it’s very easy to fall back onto bad habits. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you know what to eat, winter can be as healthy and nutritious as the rest of the year! Here are… Read More

Great Exercises for those with Joint Issues

Posted on 14th February 2013 in Blog category.

Exercise is a very important part of overall health. Cardiovascular activity is a necessity. If you want to keep fit, lose some weight or just feel better in yourself then nothing beats a good workout. However, people with orthopaedic problems or joint issues can often find it hard to find exercises to help keep fit… Read More

How to Dress Thinner and Feel Better

Posted on 20th January 2013 in Blog category.

I’m a firm believer in looking good and feeling great no matter what your size and shape. And if you think that you look healthy and attractive, there’s no doubt that this boosts confidence. After all, nothing succeeds like success and once you begin to feel like you’re looking great, you will want it more… Read More

Home Fitness – Getting Fit Without the Gym

Posted on 9th January 2013 in Blog category.

Let’s be honest; the gym can be expensive, crowded and generally unappealing. That said, buying gym equipment for your home is even more expensive and comes with the added hassle of having to maintain it and look after it. It can also be incredibly hard to motivate yourself to use it – and ‘no’ using… Read More

Hit the Gym After Work – Not the Couch!

Posted on 9th January 2013 in Blog category.

Even fitness nuts will tell you, or so we hear, that even they find getting motivated for a gym trip quite hard after a hard day at work. Most days, hitting the gym after a long day in the office seems about as appealing as taking pliers to your own teeth! The effort, crowds and… Read More

New Year Resolution Revolution

Posted on 8th January 2013 in Blog category.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are A Problem rather than a Solution This year I am going to: Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Get a Promotion Lose 8 stone New Year’s resolutions are more often than not (for a lot of us), a failure. According to researchers, the first two weeks of January are resolution feel good time;… Read More

Philip Larkin and Encouraging Children to Eat Healthily

Posted on 4th January 2013 in Blog category.

I doubt Philip Larkin was brought to McDonalds often as a child, but the following from his poetry is good synopsis of why many of us have bad eating habits, in part anyhow. “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults… Read More

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