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Fad Diets: Five of the Strangest I Have Ever Seen (and that means REALLY weird).

Posted on 7th November 2012 in Blog category.

The world of fad diets is a weird one and often almost dogmatic. People seem to follow these diets though they go against the most fundamental of traditional health conventions. At NuBeginnings, we do like to put things in perspective and find it interesting to look at the bizarre ways we humans have been trying… Read More

Walking is good for weight loss – this is why

Posted on 5th November 2012 in Blog category.

Walking is good for weight loss. Unfortunately, we’re becoming increasingly sedentary as a race. It seems that the combination of jobs we do, the lifestyles we lead and the entertainment we choose are increasingly making us inactive, which of course affects our health. The truth is very simple – walking is good for weight loss…. Read More

Positive Thinking for Weight Loss

Posted on 31st October 2012 in Blog category.

You need to have positive thinking for weight loss else you are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. One of the things we work hard to instil in the people that come to us at NuBeginnings weight loss retreat; is the fabulous benefits that positive thinking can have on your weight… Read More

Foods that Lower Bone Density

Posted on 29th October 2012 in Blog, weight loss exercises category.

Increasing bone density (or bone mass) is essential in helping prevent specific conditions that can cause significant physical health concerns in later years. In fact, after you pass your 30th birthday your bone mass is in natural decline so foods that lower bone density are more important. What is Bone Density Essentially, bone density is… Read More

Fad diets and why they are a disaster

Posted on 26th September 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

Atkins, the Cabbage Soup diet, the bizarre maple syrup/grapefruit and cayenne pepper version… fad diets – been there, done that. And guess what, it wasn’t until I started eating healthily on a regular basis, and exercising that I really achieved sustained weight loss. So why don’t they work, these ‘billed-as-the-next-great-thing’ diets? After all, the celebs… Read More

Avoid Hunger pangs

Posted on 21st September 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

     Hunger pangs – don’t you hate them? They have the ability to destroy a day’s intense dieting in mere seconds. So how do you get them out of your life?      Well, there’s lots of ways. And none of them are particularly painful, quite the opposite in fact. Here’s a list right… Read More

Weight Loss boot camp detractors – why other people want to stick their oar in

Posted on 17th September 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

It’s difficult enough embarking on an exercise programme without being told by our nearest and dearest that we’ll “never stick it out” or that “it’s futile” because we’ll just go back to our old ways once we’ve achieved what we set out to do.Weight Loss boot camp detractors can be found everywhere but they don’t… Read More

This Season’s New Trends in Exercise Gear for Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Posted on 12th September 2012 in Blog, weight loss exercises category.

Exercise Gear for Weight Loss Boot Camp I originally had clothing in mind, but quickly switched over to define ‘gear’ as technology since that’s where the biggest changes for the world of fitness in 2012 are. And no doubt will be in 2013 as well. Exercise gear for weight loss boot camp is easy while you are… Read More

Weight loss exercises in the Autumn sunshine

Posted on 10th September 2012 in Blog, weight loss exercises category.

Autumn is a fantastic time to get fit. Weight loss exercises can be done outside as well as inside. Weather-wise it’s great being outdoors since it’s neither too hot nor too cold. There’s a lovely crispness in the air which encourages you to get moving, and you know you’ve plenty of time to get fit and… Read More

Free Weight Loss Tricks

Posted on 6th September 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

Free Weight Loss Tricks are easier to comedy than you think they are. I spend a lot of my time researching articles on the psychology of weight loss. A huge area of research is how we can force ourselves to pay attention to what we are actually eating. It is all too easy to eat… Read More

The cause of your bad eating habits

Posted on 26th August 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

Do you find yourself catching sight of yourself in a shop window on the high street or a mirror and find the reflection looking back at you does not bear the slightest resemblance to how you think you look? So what is the reason for it – what drives your bad eating habits? Bad eating habits… Read More

Are you a Slave to the Scale

Posted on 16th March 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

Are you one of those people who constantly watches your weight on the scale? Are you a Slave to the Scale – You feel great when it shows a fall… and when it shows even a minute rise… you feel the world is about to end and the only remedy is a huge bowl of… Read More

Mindful Eating Rules

Posted on 2nd February 2012 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

Mindful eating is one of the cornerstones of my weight loss success. It is totally, vitally important. One of the things I like to do periodically to keep myself AND NuBeginings on track is spend some time there as a guest myself. After all, I can’t expect anyone to do something I’m not prepared to… Read More

How does alcohol affect weight loss.

Posted on 22nd April 2010 in Blog, Weight Loss category.

How does alcohol affect weight loss. This is one of the most common questions I get at our weight loss boot camp, especially at this time of year as the summer season approaches. Do you have to stop drinking alcohol to lose weight? The short, simple answer is “no”. As you’ll probably be aware, with… Read More

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