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Giles Vickers Jones

Posted on 11th April 2012 in Celebrities category.

TV presenter Giles Vickers Jones and his wife share a diary of their time at NuBeginnings. Read More

Kirsten O’Brien

Posted on 14th March 2012 in Celebrities category.

Kirsten stayed with us for a week to prepare herself for her wedding and boy did she work hard during her stay. With great results of 9cm off her waist she slipped into that wedding dress and looked fabulous. To read her story in her own words please click weight loss for brides

Gail Porter

Posted on 14th March 2012 in Celebrities category.

Gail Porter stayed at NuBeginnings in her ongoing desire to feel and look her best by focusing on her health. Here is her video account of her stay.

Alexandra Burke

Posted on 14th March 2012 in Celebrities category.

We were delighted to welcome one of the UK’s hottest pop stars, Alexandra Burke, to our boutique boot camp in Devon. Alexandra decided that NuBeginnings would be the perfect location for her to begin her training for the Inca Trail, which she has since taken on with a host of other glamorous ladies including Denise… Read More

Are You Drinking Enough?

Posted on 16th March 2010 in Celebrities category.

At NuBeginnings weight loss boot camp we are slightly obsessed by water. Everyone knows water is essential for life. But what most people don’t know is: 1. You need to drink far more than you probably think. A moderately active adult human being should drink water steadily throughout the day. And while your intake will… Read More