Well folks, when we decided to write about celebs and their exercise routines, we knew it was going to be tough. Talk about restricting ourselves!

That’s because every celeb on the planet it seems has a workout regime. If it’s not a personal coach coming to drag them out of bed at 5am then it’s a visit to the gym every day or regular sessions at a Boot Camp (the one we know really works!).

First up, was Will Smith who needed to get fit for the film I Robot so adopted an intense routine to help him reduce his body fat percentage (by at least two per cent) as well as bulk up in muscle. The routine – weightlifting five days a week, running five miles six days a week and boxing twice a week. He cut back on carbs (but wisely didn’t eliminate them altogether). Six months later Will had lost 4.5 per cent body fat.

Next was Jessica Biel who trains for around 30 minutes, four days a week: Mon and Frid she does cardio, circuit work and intense cardio, Tues and Thurs she swaps the intense cardio for push ups, squats and crunches on a fitness ball. There’s no exercise on Wednesday and at the weekends the only fitness she’ll indulge in is when she plays her favourite sports. Sounds like a plan!

Other stars and their get-fit exercises:

  • Actress Jessica Alba swears by Wii fit and says she can spend hours playing bowling, tennis and baseball on the computer software
  • Singer Katy Perry loves using skipping ropes to get fit between tours. “It’s like dancing. I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it,” she explains
  • By using martial arts and sword-fighting to get into her role for the film Kill Bill, actress Uma Thurman managed to lose 25lbs in six weeks
  • Cute Reese Witherspoon adopted a more gentle exercise routine to get back in shape after giving birth when she practiced Kundalini yoga every day for eight weeks. She also walked a lot in the great outdoors (note – autumn is definitely the best time for hiking)
  • To maintain her svelte figure Gwyneth Paltrow does one hour of cardio and one hour of toning with a personal trainer six days a week
  • Scarlett Johansson trained for 90 minutes a day EVERY day for five months to get the perfect body for her role as the Black Widow in Iron Man II. Her routine involved lots of lunges, squats and kick boxing.
  • Natalie Portman did ballet for up to eight hours a day for a year and lost 20lbs. Her reasoning was to perfect her acting role in the film Black Swan. Her dedication also nabbed her an Oscar.

We definitely wouldn’t like Natalie Portman’s routine but think Jessica Alba is certainly onto something. Which celeb’s routine can you see yourself enjoying?