Diet Food – Eating Well for Less: It’s no Myth

One of the tales of our time and one that is constantly touted in the press is that you can’t eat healthily on a budget. At NuBeginnings we don’t believe that this is necessarily true and there are plenty of great tasty foods out there, which can be used to muster up some nutritious and delicious dishes.

Savvy shoppers make lists. Have a look at the below and decide if any of them tempt you. They are great if you are looking to eat healthier for less. They’re nourishing, they’re versatile, they taste great and they won’t break the bank.

Diet Food

Diet Food – Dried Black Beans

We often talk about fibre and its filling benefits, and black beans are the perfect answer for this sort of roughage. As you already may know, fibre helps you digest food, prevents bloating and keeps everything ticking over down there.  Buying dried beans means you don’t also have to think about the excess sodium of the canned equivalent.  Dried black beans are cheap as chips but a lot healthier – obviously!

Popcorn Kernels

Fancy a treat? Popcorn kernels and a little olive oil create great popcorn and are also very high in fibre. They also don’t have the extra preservatives and flavours that microwave or the bagged varieties have and if you go to the cinema regularly then making your own can really save you a bob or two.

Tuna in Water

Canned tuna is an amazing source of protein and provides around 36g of the stuff in one can alone. It’s also full to the brim with vitamins and minerals such as B6, an immune system favourite of ours and B12, great for reflexes and balance. Tins of tuna are also quite cheap and often available on special offer in store if you fancy a quick look around.

Diet Food – Eggs

These are also another very high protein food that really doesn’t come close to breaking the bank, yet offer a raft of great nutritional benefits. Eggs are extremely protein dense and the white is almost 100% muscle building material, great for keeping away hunger and also for building muscle. Don’t worry too much about the cholesterol in the yolk. You’re not a chicken so chicken’s cholesterol is not going to have an effect on you.

Diet Food – Plain Yoghurt

We often write about bone density and provide ways to increase it and plain yoghurt is full of bone building calcium. A small portion of yoghurt on your breakfast, or by itself may have around 40% of your calcium intake for a day – plenty of support for those bones.


An autumn favourite and a food not eaten enough in the UK, pumpkin is full of nutrients and only a small amount provides you with all the Vitamin A you need for a day. The great thing about pumpkin is that it can be added to a huge number of recipes as an ingredient. We’ve seen it used in everything from casserole, to mousse, to muffins. It’s also quite high in fibre and vitamin C also.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to cost loads and with a little interest, ingenuity and other ingredients; you can make some amazing dishes.

Victoria Wills (Founder of NuBeginnings)