We always advise that you seek your doctor’s advice before undertaking any major diet or lifestyle change. One of the reasons we want to talk to you before you can join one of our programmes is so that we can make sure NuBeginnings is the best (and safest) place for you to achieve your goals.

Whether you lose weight at NuBeginnings or not is entirely up to you. Sadly we can’t lose the weight for you. What we can do is create the most effective programme and environment to make losing weight as easy as possible for you. Please see the testimonials to see some results of some of our clients. For example you can see that Wil Graham (the winner of the UKs Biggest Loser 2011) lost 20lbs when he came to the retreat in this video, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose 20lbs. You might lose more. You might lose less. All I know for sure is that the distractions and temptations of every day life – the ones that sabotage every diet you’ve ever tried – won’t be there. You’ll be far from all the stresses and strains of your day-to-day at our luxury retreat. Only you know what weight loss you can achieve when you’re in the right environment, eating the right food and doing the right exercise all along with the right support.