So do you see yourself as you are? I saw this article in the Daily Mail today and it got me to thinking…

Do you see yourself as you are?

Five years for us to admit to ourselves that we no longer look how we think we do. Can that possibly be true. Well yes – I rather suspect it might well be.

I know that when I was nearly 300lbs I genuinely didn’t see myself that way. I don’t mean I thought that I was a size 10 super model or anything. Actually super models are probably a size 4 aren’t they? Well anyway, you get the point. I knew I was big but I still thought it wasn’t the most noticeable thing about me. I don’t think I was any more bonkers then than I am now. I just didn’t see myself as I really was. I didn’t see that I looked unwell. I didn’t see that I looked the way I looked unless I saw a photo I didn’t like (and immediately destroyed it). Or that weird moment when you see your reflection somewhere unexpected and your brain doesn’t get a chance to morph the image into something more pleasing.

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Then again sometimes it can work the other way. Sometimes it take the brain a little while to catch up with how you look right now. If you’ve lost weight sometimes your brain is still messing with your self image. If you’ve put on weight it does the same thing.

We tend to think of ourselves in comparison to the people around us. That’s why everyone gets so hysterical about the media images we are bombarded with. If you’re comparing yourself to models who have been airbrushed to perfection then you are never going to come out of the comparison well. And that’s not going to help anyone’s self esteem much.

If everyone around you is also slowly expanding then our “expansion” can go by unremarked and largely unnoticed until it reaches the point of being a genuine health concern.

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Victoria Wills – Founder of NuBeginnings luxury weight loss retreat.