This week at NuBeginnings we are doing something different.

For the first time in the UK humans and their doggy friends are working together to lose weight.

The concept is that we tend to project our feelings and emotions onto our dogs. So if we believe a piece of cheese is going to cheer us up then it is bound to cheer Fido up as well.

The vet specialist I had over to assess and plan for each dog gave me some really scary things to think about. For example he told me that one digestive biscuit for the dog is the equivalent of a human eating the whole packet. Yikes – I always thought of snacks being the same for dog as well as for human.

1 small piece of cheese is the equivalent of a burger and a half in doggy terms. My poor dogs just found their snack rations destroyed. They are both carrying some extra weight and that could shorten their lives – I certainly don’t want to do that.

Today we had the dog physiotherapist come round to work on balance and core strength with the dogs. It was really fun. Some of the cute doggy photos are here.

What has all this got to do with losing weight and feeling great? Well for one a little unconditional love is always a good thing. But more than that the support is invaluable when you are making changes to your life. Even if they are changes for the better.

So yes a spot of doggy support is good – but any support is great. The support of me and my team, the support of your friends and family, a slimming group. Whatever works for you.