Exercise Gear for Weight Loss Boot Camp

I originally had clothing in mind, but quickly switched over to define ‘gear’ as technology since that’s where the biggest changes for the world of fitness in 2012 are. And no doubt will be in 2013 as well. Exercise gear for weight loss boot camp is easy while you are here – on returning home it needs a bit more work.

We’re all aware of the existence of fitness Apps by now. But what are some of the more popular ones on the market? And why do we keep hearing about them? Well, without a doubt the Fitbit is the market leader here. This activity tracker for your phone records important health data such as:

·      what you’ve eaten

·      how much exercise you’ve done

·      how well you’ve slept

·      how many calories you’ve burned

Now there’s no way you can lie to your doctor, your partner or even yourself! We keep much the same information on our online system www.nubeginningsinnercirce.com because we think it’s really important that we know exactly how you are doing.

Another oft-referred to App is Nike+ where the client and trainer hook up, allowing the latter to provide support around the clock. For those who don’t want to be monitored by one individual on a constant basis but do miss peer support then the Twitter hashtag TweetWhatYouEat could be the answer.

Exercise Gear for Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Exercising at home is another area which has undergone a transformation in recent times, as in: “Goodbye DVD” and “Hello Streaming technology”. Sign up to subscription services and you’ll receive unlimited exercise videos for a month. And the beauty of this? Unlike conventional DVDs the variety means you’ll never get bored, say company execs. We provide this at nubeginningsinnercircle.com (and so do other people).

Another trend, according to fitness coaches in the States, is the way women are viewing fitness. NY Fitness school owner Frank Baptiste reports an increase in the number of females joining his gym purely to build muscle. “Skinny is the new strong,” he said. “Women come in wanting to do push ups. Now that’s a great move forward.”

But it’s not just individuals who are changing. Entire corporations are too. Or at least the Human Resources element of them is. Large firms and public sector organisations are now offering fitness incentive schemes for employees such as cut-price gym membership, inexpensive bike buying schemes and even nutritional counselling. Why? Call us cynical but healthier employees mean less non-productive sick days.

Have you spotted any new trends recently?