Atkins, the Cabbage Soup diet, the bizarre maple syrup/grapefruit and cayenne pepper version… fad diets – been there, done that. And guess what, it wasn’t until I started eating healthily on a regular basis, and exercising that I really achieved sustained weight loss.

So why don’t they work, these ‘billed-as-the-next-great-thing’ diets? After all, the celebs do them and it seems to work for them. Don’t you believe it! It’s a super short term thing (at best).

Fad diets

Five very real reasons fad diets don’t work

  • They make your metabolism go wonky. The body slows down its calorie burning abilities when it’s starved of food (after all, there’s not as much to burn up so it makes sense for it to have a bit of a rest). Then wham, you go back to how you’d normally eat and your metabolism can’t keep up. As a result you’re going to put on even more weight than before.
  • You don’t have enough energy to go to the gym or exercise therefore any weight you lose will come from water, muscle and fat. We only really want fat loss!
  • No carbohydrates. Most fad diets cut these right back or, as in the case of first stage Atkins, eliminate them altogether. Yet ‘natural’ carbs, such as those found in fruit and vegetables, are necessary for your body to work well.
    • Most of the weight you lose is simply water rather than fat. Eat regularly and all it all comes back, as quickly as before.
    • They damage your body over time. Bones which don’t get calcium become brittle, too much saturated fat and animal protein can lead to heart disease and going for long stretches without eating can play havoc with blood sugar regulation.

We could go on, but this post would be huge and I know that come dine with me starts soon ;)… At NuBeginnings my team of experts can show you how to lose weight safely and comfortably through exercise and a healthy eating philosophy. Not only that it’s all done in a supportive and fun environment. Come join us and learn how to get so much more out of life.