Often embarking on the new season can be  just the stimulus we need for creating a ‘new you.’ By that I mean changing those habits that we know aren’t doing us any good weight-wise but seem so difficult to break.

Autumn Colour at Weight Loss Boot Camp

We change our clothes, footwear and even our make-up for fall and winter after all. So why not our habits too?
And let’s face it, summer can be hectic with holidays and socialising. Autumn, however, is for storing up and preparing for the winter party season (or the food-a-thon). In other words, providing you with the time you need to make yourself look and feel fabulous prior to the parties that the festive season tends to bring.

This week the Australian newspaper The Sun-Herald ended a 10 week campaign to get children in the sunshine state to alter their habits. They started it after statistics showed that nearly a quarter of Australian children were either overweight or obese. Worse still – they reckon up to 80 per cent of them were destined to stay that way well into adulthood unless they changed their habits.
So what were the healthy habits doctors encouraged? Well, they’re not rocket science but they did make a big difference to those who took up the challenge:
Seven healthy habits
• Get in an hour of physical activity every day
• Eat together with the family at least once a day
• Always make time for breakfast
• Cut back on time spent on gadgets, the web, TV
• Drink water more than any other liquid
• Make sure you’re getting your head down on the pillow for long enough
• Keep an eye on your weight

None of the above sound particularly strenuous, debilitating or even difficult. And yet, doctors provedthey were the key to ensuring Australian children would retain a healthy weight. If the kids can do it…