Let’s be honest; the gym can be expensive, crowded and generally unappealing.

That said, buying gym equipment for your home is even more expensive and comes with the added hassle of having to maintain it and look after it. It can also be incredibly hard to motivate yourself to use it – and ‘no’ using it as a clothes horse doesn’t count!

Fortunately, there are a number of home fitness exercises that can provide you with all round toning, cardio and body conditioning which don’t involve any equipment whatsoever.

Using your body as resistance is a sure-fire way of building muscle and there are hundreds of exercises you can do at home, for free, that can provide you with cheap and cheerful results.

Walking/ Running

What more can we say other than these exercises provide you with high intensity, high calorie burning cardio workouts that also make you feel better in yourself. Getting out and about whilst walking or running helps tone your muscles, improves stamina and is the cheapest form of exercise out there. If you can’t go outdoors, jogging on the spot can also suffice and you can even do it in front of the TV. Don’t laugh – give it a go.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts when you’re sitting on a chair or lying down are a great way to tone those pins. Simply keep your legs straight and watch as they become more and more toned with time. If you can’t keep them completely poker straight then you can bend them a little. If you have no idea what a leg lift is then panic not – we have a nubeginnings exercise booklet that explains all.


We all want a flat stomach. Luckily, most of the best ab exercises require mothing more than a clear space on your living room floor. Crunches or sit ups tone the frontal abdominal area and also build the core area. This not only hardens your abs but helps take pressure off your back. And talking of your back, remember that if you’re doing your crunches and core work you also want to be doing some back strengthening exercises. We all work better when we are in balance and if you’re strengthening your stomach area then you want to do the same for your back.


Play a favourite song and just let yourself go. Dancing around the kitchen, bedroom, garden, or wherever takes you fancy, can really burn those calories, is great for the heart and gets the endorphins rushing through the body. You’ll most likely feel a boost upon finishing up and doing it a few times a week is great.

Squats and Step Exercises

Doing step exercises up and down from a box can really help tone the legs and buttocks. If you have steps or stairs in your house then guess what I am about to suggest? Yup – simply go up and down them more than you do already.

Squats can be a little tough to do initially, but after you get used to them and build up stamina you’ll be fine. They’re great for the bottom area and legs, and like all the other exercises, they can be done anywhere.

Exercising can be done anywhere, never mind the excuses. I know that during the colder months it’s easy to just sit and think about it. The trick is to actually do it.

So, how about starting your home fitness regime right now?

I challenge you to a 30 second jog on the spot….go on, you know you want to.

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