I’m a firm believer in looking good and feeling great no matter what your size and shape. And if you think that you look healthy and attractive, there’s no doubt that this boosts confidence. After all, nothing succeeds like success and once you begin to feel like you’re looking great, you will want it more and more.

Dress Thinner

Clothing plays such an important role in the way we look and the way we perceive ourselves and this in turn greatly impacts on our self-esteem. As we’re well aware this sense of belief has a significant part to play in other successes. So, here are a few little tips on how to look your best no matter what. You can dress thinner. There is no denying it.

Dress thinner – Lengthen your Body

You can’t get any taller, but you can make your body look longer. Long vertical pieces, such as long cardigans and scarves, add to the length of the body, but don’t add to the bulk you are wearing. This creates the impression of slimness, and is of course going to make you feel more confident.

Dress thinner – Hourglass Dress

If you’re going to purchase a dress, consider one made from a structured fabric as this will help you look trimmer. An hourglass dress is tight at your high waist point. This style and shape of dress is tight around the smallest part of your body. It therefore draws the eye to the smallest part of your body so creating a flattering effect. Quite a lot of these style dresses are sleeveless but panic not that’s what those funny little bolero cardigan things are made for..


Big wide belts around your waist (even better right at the top of your rib cage) create the impression of slimness as the item of clothing is being pulled inwards at the smallest point of the mid-body. This belt should be as high up as possible as this creates a svelte look and makes you appear slighter. Of course, the addition of heels ensures it’s even further from the floor, which can add to this effect.

Dark Trousers

Trousers of a darker shade tend to create a long and slim outline that makes you seem slighter. Ideally these trousers should skim your shoes. Remember bootcut or slightly flared trousers are an ideal shape for those who are a little heavier on the bottom half.

Of course, if you want to wear jeans and also want to visually knock off a few pounds, we would advise slightly boot cut dark blue denim. This style of jean accentuates the length of the leg and creates a lean, slim appearance. Team this up with a long top and a wide belt to whittle your waist to make the most of this outfit.

The right clothing can make you look great and feel even better about yourself and encourage you onwards to reaching your goals. Looking great creates positivity and we can all do with more of that.

Victoria Wills (Founder of NuBeginnings)

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