I’m Back

I have returned to NuBeginnings Weight Loss Boot Camp for another week of fun and frolics.

I have 8 guests with me this week and 5 of them are returning guests so we must be doing something right if so many people want to come back to see us. (Most of them have maintained their weight loss – they are back for another dose of detox and exercise)

My main focus is on the therapies for the guests this week. I am sharing my special one-one therapy sessions with them so that they can enjoy really spectacular changes in both attitude and mind set.

My client today was pretty sceptical about any changes and wasn’t at all convinced that she could be hypnotised. She left our session feeling great and she was thrilled at how hypnotised she was.

We did the triangle, stretch session and a hike and now everyone is enjoying a cooking demo and I have come to write my update for you dear reader and then a hot bath and to bed ready for tomorrow.


Walking up to the Torrs


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