Laura S, Surrey.

NuBeginnings has changed my life! My first few weeks after NuBeginnings flew by and I was focused on continuing to exercise and eat small, healthy portions of food. Before long this became second nature however something inside me had clicked. I didn’t exercise if I didn’t fancy it, and I started doing fitness things that I enjoyed….spinning classes, rowing, my husband and I have bought bikes etc AND if I fancied some chocolate or champagne I had it! I am now a more balanced and happy person. My weight has stabilised somewhere within my BMI (I don’t know my weight as I have thrown away the scales..however last time I was at the Dr’s I had to be weighed and measured and all I asked the Dr was- am I healthy?) I threw away all my skinny clothes as well as all my fat clothes. NuBeginnings has shown me self-acceptance and how to live a healthy happy ‘all-inclusive’ lifestyle where food and exercise can be enjoyed. The experience also prompted me to research my deeper problems. NuBeginnings has made me more successful- I recently got promoted and had a £5000 pay increase because my personnel manager feels that I have matured into a more rounded, balanced person – woohoo. My marriage is better than ever, in fact my husband and I are having 8 weeks off to travel around America. (I would never have dreamed of doing this before NuBeginnings!) We are staying at Yosemite park for 7 days where we will Hike, Hike, Hike. So all in all Victoria, my life has changed in so many ways all down to 1 week spent at NuBeginnings where I had to face into myself and decide what I wanted from my life and I came out a happy, healthier person. Thank you so very much.