I just saw a show on TV called ‘Man Versus Food’. Now it’s a very American TV show and I am not recommending you tune in but it does bring up an interesting point.

The premise of the show seems to be a food fan fellow going around the US taking part in the eating challenges in restaurants. You know the kind of thing – you get a free T shirt if you can eat the 6lb fritatta special.

Now obviously this is not a weight loss show – in fact it is encouraging over eating to the point of nausea which is hardly a good idea.

More interesting to me though is the concept that man is in the midst of a war with food. Food is being painted as the baddy that must be defeated by our erstwhile hero.

At NuBeginnings we work with you very hard to make sure that you no longer have a confrontational attitude to food. After all everyone knows War is a bad idea.