Marylin (Devon)

I have been trying to analyse my feelings about the whole NuBeginnings experience and I thought what a pity I didnt know then what I know now ! Somehow I have lost my dependence on food as an emotional crutch I am aware of what I am eating and I am not picking or shovelling in the chocolate which was a real problem for me. Because I have used food as a crutch for so long I am waiting for that fall from grace, but so far it has not happened and I am very interested to see how long this will last. I am hoping it will last forever as food has been a big problem for me all my life. What is the secret ? Is it the hypnotherapy the acupuncture maybe the whole package. If I continue like this it would be worth any amount of money, and Im sure anyone who has a dependance on food as I had would agree.