Mindful eating is one of the cornerstones of my weight loss success. It is totally, vitally important.

One of the things I like to do periodically to keep
myself AND NuBeginings on track is spend some time there
as a guest myself.

After all, I can’t expect anyone to do something I’m not
prepared to do myself, can I? And that’s where I’ve been
this past week at my own weight loss boot camp.

You know how it is at most meal times: we sit down and
start eating, keeping a non-stop train of food going
from our plates to our mouths barely pausing to enjoy
one mouthful before having another one.

It’s an easy habit to get into and a hard one to
break… unless you can give yourself an easy helping

And that’s one thing we give you when you come to
NuBeginnings to stay.

Mindful Eating Rules

1. Drink water with your meal. Yes, the Nutritionists
might complain and say you’re “diluting your
stomach acids”, blah blah. It’s safe to ignore
them. The benefits far outweigh any negative

2. Chew your food properly. Don’t be obsessive about
this and count how many times you chew… but make
sure you chew enough so the food is properly
broken down to allow you to swallow it easily and
your stomach to digest it.

3. Put your cutlery down and let go of it between
each and every mouthful. This both slows down your
eating and encourages you to chew your food
properly. Slowing down is important: it gives your
body time to realise it’s being fed before you’ve
gone and over-eaten.

4. Listen to your body. It takes about 20 minutes for
the first few mouthfuls of the meal to start
making themselves known to your body by changes in
your blood chemistry (this is why we make you slow
down!). Be aware this signal is due and recognise
it when it arrives. Too often we just eat for
eating’s sake without really realising we’re not
actually hungry any more. It can help to have no
distractions at the table, too: no TV, magazines
or even interesting conversation!

5. Finally, leave something on your plate. It’s
giving your subconscious the message that it’s OK
to leave some food — most of us have been
conditioned, bullied and cajoled by our parents
into clearing our plates simply because that’s
what you’re “supposed” to do.

These 5 rules alone, even without anything else we do at
NuBeginnings, teach in the Monthly Seminars or in the
Elite Success Programme, will dramatically accelerate
your weight loss.