My Massage and Taking Care of Me

Yesterday I went to have a traditional Thai Massage.

It was utterly painful and yet wonderful. For a blissful hour of my life I was in a cocoon of floaty white things on the walls and ceiling. The cynical amongst us might say – you mean sheets stapled to the walls – but who cares? It was calm and peaceful and really rather lovely.

The prerequisite “plinky plonky” music was playing and there was a water feature bubbling away in the corner. The scene was set!

For that one hour I switched off my phone, ignored my emails and just focused on me.

So what? Well the point is that my one hour away made me feel a million dollars. It was painful because my muscles were so tight. My shoulders were a bundle of knots and lactic acid from hunching over my PC all day. I was feeling more than a little grouchy when I arrived for my massage.

One hour later I floated out of there feeling positively fantastic. OK maybe a little bruised and I have to say traditional Thai massage is not for the feint of heart. But I loved it!

My one hour of me time has set me in good stead for a great week. Just one hour focussing on me and I am a nicer person – for my guests, my team and even my family. What a great investment of time and money.

What have you planned this week to take care of yourself and have that little moment of me time?? I’d love to hear….

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