Autumn is a fantastic time to get fit. Weight loss exercises can be done outside as well as inside. Weather-wise it’s great being outdoors since it’s neither too hot nor too cold. There’s a lovely crispness in the air which encourages you to get moving, and you know you’ve plenty of time to get fit and in great shape for the festive season as there’s still a couple of months yet in which to exercise and eat well. Weight loss exercises needn’t be complicate.

Weight loss exercises outside

Autumn is starting at weight loss retreat NuBeginnings


Other reasons Autumn is a great time to start your weight loss exercises

  • You’re still basking in holiday feel-good fever and feeling motivated enough to get exercising (in other words the winter doldrums haven’t set in yet)
  • The countryside, with all its wonderful colours, is lovely to go for longs walks in. Or you could try cycling down all those pretty lanes of hedgerows
  • It’s still warm enough to enjoy fun boating activities such as canoeing or sailing
  • Even autumn gardening can be a great source of activity as you rake up all those fallen leaves and hunt for wood to build a bonfire and burn old plant cuttings and fallen shrubbery
  • If you’re more comfortable at an indoor gym then now is the time to enrol as you’ll find a range of new fitness programmes introduced around now

If your daily schedule is just too busy to fit in any of the above (although we’d suggest you prioritise exercise and your health – even if it’s just 30 minutes a day, three times a week) then you could try incorporating exercise into your life in an unobtrusive fashion.

For instance, when hosting a meeting would it be possible to have it while walking in the park? If it’s just the two, or three of you, why not? End it with a cup of tea in a nearby café. A walking meeting can be invigorating and much more fun than sitting in a stuffy boardroom for two hours.

If you’re a parent and you have to stand watching your kids playing football or some other sport at the weekend, instead of standing on the sidelines of the pitch, you could walk round it. Get that pedometer started and impress yourself by how many steps you can manage in an hour or so.

These are just a handful of easy exercise ideas. Look out for future Nubeginnings posts where we’ll be coming up with even more ‘sneaky exercise’ routines and where you can get fit without anyone really noticing – yourself included!