Phil C, Surrey

When I arrived at NuBeginnings I was carrying some pretty bad habits – eating, drinking, smoking – and a couple of extra stone! NuBeginnings helped me to nip this problem in the bud and get back to being me – I regained control of my eating habits, and more importantly for me, got back to having an enthusiasm for exercise that I had missed so much. I learnt so much about food, nutrition, eating habits, psychological impact of positive and negative thoughts, good and bad exercise techniques, and made some really great friends too. I lost just under 10lbs in a week, rediscovered a love of drinking water, and it almost went un-noticed that I quit smoking whilst I was there as well. 6 months on and I have lost more weight, but more importantly really improved my body shape as I have toned and put on a lot of muscle at the gym. I have not touched a cigarette since starting the course, and don’t miss them at all. I have improved my diet massively, and whilst I still enjoy a few beers and a takeaway every so often I am better able to allow myself to enjoy these occasions safe in the knowledge that I probably ran 10k that morning so it doesn’t matter!!! I can’t thank the team enough – Victoria, Frank, Jennie, Dave, Keith et al – all of them were brilliant and made a hard week very enjoyable!