You need to have positive thinking for weight loss else you are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. One of the things we work hard to instil in the people that come to us at NuBeginnings weight loss retreat; is the fabulous benefits that positive thinking can have on your weight loss success.

Positive thinking for weight loss

Simply put, if you think negative thoughts you will find that they lead to negative behaviours and in turn reduce motivation. On the other hand, positive thoughts will increase your motivation and energy levels and also help you reach your goal more easily.

Focusing on what you can do and the positive is the best way to succeed in reaching your goals. Simply, positive thoughts empower you. Negative thoughts don’t do you any favours at all.

Positive Thinking for Weight Loss Difficult Success

Taking a downtrodden or negative attitude makes success all the more difficult. If you berate yourself for eating the wrong food, or spend your time constantly focusing on the foods you can’t eat and the exercise you ‘have‘ to do you will damage your efforts. Negative energy is still energy and takes from your reserves, makes you feel powerless and reduces motivation.

When we feel down many of us focus on the negative and skip our workout or eat that bag of crisps. However, if we are aware of our feelings and recognize them, we can take a positive action to transform them into something good.

Approaches to Positive Thinking for weight loss

Many of us respond with helplessness when we feel down and claim we can’t help how we feel. However, to think positively, we also have to believe in what we want in the first place. Saying we feel fine about the way we look or feel, but not truly believing it creates internal conflict.

One way around this is a daily journal. Here you can write down how you truly feel and acknowledge any negative feelings or emotions. When we write things down we often find that we have more power over them and the mere act of writing your thoughts and feelings down acts as a catharsis.

It’s important to be aware of how you are making these positive changes as it is these little victories that will help you reach your goal. Focus on your moments of triumph and give attention to the positives. For example if you said no to seconds, when you usually would have some, or walked an extra mile, then give yourself some credit focus on these achievements.

Your Goals Positive Thinking for Weight Loss

Realistic goals are there to prevent you feeling negative about not achieving unrealistic results. If you set yourself an impractical target and fail, then you will beat yourself up over it needlessly. A goal of losing 25 lbs by next week is unlikely to fill you with positive vibes – it’s completely unrealistic. Reasonable goals are achieved with realistic measures and they perpetuate the positive mind-set that aids success. In turn, they create more positivity and more success – so best foot forward and turn that frown upside down 😉