Siri (Norway)

Imagine the impossible place. A perfect sanctuary for you to improve physically and mentally. Imagine everything it would take to really be the place of your dreams. You would need the best of the best in personal trainers, sports therapists, NLP coaches, hiking guides, managers, chefs… The food would have to be great, grown locally even, and it would have to be in a beautiful setting of course, and everyone would have to be there 24/7 so you didn’t have to think about anything other than yourself and your wellbeing. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. This is the place.


I spent two weeks here in june and I fell in love with its devotion to making people reach their full potential. NuBeginnings is all about you, your health, and your time. From the moment you arrive you are completely taken care of by extremely friendly and competent staff. The rooms in the victorian mansion are absolutely beautiful. My view was a zen-lovers dream with crooked pine trees and the town below. A gentle knock on the door wakes you up every morning. You are fed, trained, massaged, coached and nurtured. The chef prepares wonderful meals that are extremely good for you, and you will need every single one of them, because you WILL work hard. From morning to evening.


If you have zero or a hundred lbs to lose makes no difference. These people have seen everything under the sun. They are the best in their field, and they will make you feel very comfortable. At first… Then stiff, sore and proud! :D The workouts are brilliant fun and very varied. The full day hikes takes you all over the countryside to spectacular scenery in protected areas. You will sweat on the beach, spot wild horses on the highlands, meet unforgettable people and watch your belly shrink from day to day.


Just go. Now. I can’t make it any simpler than that, and you are wasting valuable time reading reviews :D