There are people who I don’t want at NuBeginnings.

There are three kinds of people who are simply not welcome at NuBeginnings weight loss boot camp. Not now, not ever.

Weight Loss Boot Camp folk

Weight Loss Boot Camp – No Dabblers.

The first group are those who are thinking that just maybe they would like to lose a little weight. It’s not that important but it might be nice and they have a week to spare and nothing much else going on. Yikes – they are no good for morale at all. If you have been struggling with your weight – whether that be a little or a lot of weight. Then change is so much easier and more effortless when you are surrounded by other people who want exactly the same thing as you. Those who are dabbling or messing around can go to one of the other places where 40 people are all doing the same thing together. They cause less trouble there – they disappear into the crowd.

Weight Loss Boot Camp – No magic solution seekers.

The second group are the people who want a magic pill, potion or lotion. Who are looking for the holy grail of weight-loss where you change nothing about your life but somehow achieve amazing results. Sadly there is no such thing and anyone promising you miraculous results without any effort or change is lying to you. If that is what you are looking for NuBeginnings is definitely not the right place for you. We will make it easier than you think it will be, we will look after you brilliantly and the average weight loss is 10lbs in just one week. But you have to eat when and what we say and though it is delicious and nutritious it is probably different to what you are used to.

The final group is bullies, bigots and the unpleasant. I assume the reasoning for that is fairly obvious. We are a small and exclusive group and we want everyone to have a wonderful time together. Also a lovely group of people means the team has a lovely time too.

If you are a NuBeginnings person then I would love to hear from you.

Victoria Wills (Founder of NuBeginnings)

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