Every so often I like to put my money where my mouth is ;) Last week I did the programme with our lovely guests in France. They all did really well – losing 10 or 11lbs each – WOW.

I arrived in Devon on Monday morning ready to take part in the weight loss programme here in Devon and since then I have done the following:

– Core training

– Beach training

– Pilates


-Circuit Training (HIIT for those of you that are interested in the details)


That’s in two days! I have to admit I love what I do. It has been the best fun and really great workouts for everyone. I am officially pooped now.

Thank you to Shane and Keiran for their hard work in making sure the fitness sessions remain top notch. Tonight it is Zumba so I am getting my dancing shoes ready – stand back – I feel a diva moment approaching ;)