There are all sorts of weird and wonderful exercise trends. From upside down yoga to shaking vibrating bum wiggling exercise plates. Though these types of exercise can be fun, there’s much to suggest that the oldest of all exercises is the best of all.

Walking for All

Unlike other forms of exercise that require a certain level of fitness, travelling to a specific location or expensive fitness gear, walking can be done by any of us, anywhere we want. The best thing of all is that’s it’s completely free!

Unfortunately, despite the clear benefits of walking, it seems that we’re walking on average 80 miles fewer per year.

In terms of calories this could mean we are burning around 10,000 less – which of course means extra weight to fight in other ways. So, our advice – stop worrying about whether you should join the gym, start the latest fitness craze or begin the latest fad diet: just walk more!


The Benefits of Walking

Walking is proven to lower spikes in blood sugar levels, even if you eat the same foods each day. An interesting experiment by the University of Missouri showed that participants who eat the same amount each day, but cut their exercise, saw significant changes in blood sugar level rises. It also showed that spikes became even larger as the sedentary period continued.

The most interesting thing is that the spikes had nothing to do with diet, but the way the body dealt with doing minimal exercise. Of course, this can all lead on to diabetes and heart disease in even those who eat well and are of average weight. So, taking a few more steps here or there can greatly reduce your chances of becoming ill, even if you do eat well.

We’re meant to walk; there are no two ways about it. Human beings are made to a stroll at a regular 4mph or so. Unlike running, this can be done on any surface and in almost any form of flat shoe without a significant risk of injury.


Walking is free, good for your health, good for your joints and gets you out in the fresh air. It can also be incredibly sociable. If you are looking to make one change to your life to make you feel fitter, healthier and happier – just start walking! 


At NuBeginnings we are strong believers in the effectiveness of walking. We regularly take our guests on walks through the beautiful Devon countryside and lead Nordic walking trips from our weight loss retreat in France. If you are interested in joining us for a couple of days, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.