Walking is good for weight loss. Unfortunately, we’re becoming increasingly sedentary as a race. It seems that the combination of jobs we do, the lifestyles we lead and the entertainment we choose are increasingly making us inactive, which of course affects our health. The truth is very simple – walking is good for weight loss.

Walking is good for weight loss

However, there’s no getting away from the fact that exercise releases all those happy chemicals in our brains that we so enjoy. If you’re not a keen exerciser at the moment then the good news is that walking is one of the best forms of activity. Evidence suggests that a brisk stroll may be as good for a lot of us, as a pounding jog or strenuous session in the gym. So, get your trainers out and dust them down, because I am talking about going for more than a stroll.

How walking improves your Body

Walking, as you probably know, is an anaerobic exercise and therefore walking is good for weight loss as well as being good for your heart and lungs and increasing your overall level of fitness. Combining a healthy diet, walking (and some other exercises) can really increase the positive effects on your body. After all we all want to lead healthier and happier lives – that is what we work towards at NuBeginnings.

Of course, walking does not only affect your heart and lungs, it is also great for strengthening your muscles  (in the lower half of the body) and your arms and chest if you walk with poles. It also increases your stamina. Finally as a eight bearing exercise it is good for your bone density and therefore reduces the risk of brittle bones and osteoporosis.

A high intensity walk is the ideal way to increase your calorie burning and metabolic rate. For many people it can result in burning the equivalent calories to a jog or a run. However, unlike jogging or running, which are high impact activities on the joints, walking isn’t. High impact exercises can result in knee, ankle, hip and other joint and back problems and the harm caused by engaging in them can sometimes outdo the benefits.

Walking is good for weight loss – Osteopaths have their say

Osteopaths will often testify to the spinal and disc problems caused from the often aggressive impact of running. Walking, however benefits the spine. People are designed for activity and exercise and constant movement helps relieve the pressures of our sedentary existence. It also has tissue cleansing properties and the heightened cardio rate will increase the flow of minerals and vitamins to the discs as well as to other parts of the body, such as the legs.

The Legs

I know it’s hardly news to say that walking is good for your legs. But did you know that walking can help the drainage of excess fluid in the legs and in turn reduces problems with varicose veins and leg muscles. The added strengthening of your legs is also obviously beneficial.

Walking also benefits your feet and all of their 25 bones and ligaments. This ensures healthy, functional feet and it’s one of the best ways of exercising this part of your body.

We are advised to take moderate exercise for 30 minutes around five days a week. The great thing about walking is that it can be achieved easily. Incorporating it into your daily routine is best. Whether, it’s walking the dogs, coming home from work, or just taking a break from the daily chores – it’s easy to get your portion of this hearty, healthy and excellent exercise.

Remember, like anything getting into walking is about routine – so, keep it up initially and it will soon be part of your new life and new beginning.