It’s difficult enough embarking on an exercise programme without being told by our nearest and dearest that we’ll “never stick it out” or that “it’s futile” because we’ll just go back to our old ways once we’ve achieved what we set out to do.Weight Loss boot camp detractors can be found everywhere but they don’t understand what the struggle is.

That’s why weight loss Boot Camps are so successful – because there’s support in companionship. Everyone’s in the same boat, so to speak so there’s plenty of empathy there if you feel your will start to wilt. At NuBeginnings we also ongoing support afterwards via the telephone or internet for a full two months. And don’t forget the NuBeginnings community who have a ton of empathy and good advice to share.

Weight loss boot camps have their critics:

But anyway, how do you silence those annoying and potentially lethal critics? They tend to be the ones we meet when we’re back in our ordinary lives and day jobs. One way is to ignore them of course. Another is to understand where they’re coming from. For instance their criticism could be all down to envy because, guess what, they would like to have accomplished the weight loss you have.

Another is that your best friend or partner could be frightened that the ‘new you’ will mean the end of your old routine – that you’ll no longer want to go out for a Chinese every Thursday night, or that you’re spending so long in the gym they never get to see you. In which case, remember, their criticism or disparaging remarks are all about them, not you!

Probably the biggest critic we have to battle with though, is our own inner critic. That’s the voice inside our head telling us it’s “pointless doing all these exercises and eating well because you’ll just slump into your old ways back home.”

Firstly, you won’t be on your own as you’ll have the support of NuBeginnings to fall back on any time you need it and secondly, here’s a few answers for that inner critic:

  • You’re doing the best you can
  • You refuse to compare yourself to others
  • You have a plan and you’re sticking to it
  • You won’t deem the whole thing a disaster just because your resolve slips once

You get the idea… you’re always going to be able to dismiss that inner critic with some rational thought. Use its voice to reinforce your belief in yourself and remember why you’re so determined to get fit and slim in the first place.