In my last post, I shared with you how important it is to keep a journal of everything you do, eat, think and feel in pursuit of your goals.

One of the reasons for this, as I said, is we humans are not good at remembering objective facts — our memories are always clouded by emotions, preferences, beliefs and everything else we have going on in our heads.

There’s another reason, too: mindset. At our weight loss boot camp we spend a lot of time focusing on your mindset.

In any endeavour the single-most element in your success is always your WILL to achieve it (for example, doctors know that, medical wizardry notwithstanding, the most important factor in a patient’s survival and recovery is the will to live).

Analogously to the patient’s “will to live”, to achieve your weight-loss and lifestyle goals, you must have… a goal!

Sounds obvious, I know… but a lot of the people I speak to don’t have a goal – or if they do, it’s something nebulous like “I want to lose weight”.

You may have heard of SMART goals before – but here’s a useful version for you to use in losing weight:

Significant. To mean anything your goal has to be clear, unambiguous and meaningful.

Measurable. If you can’t easily measure your progress it means you can’t tell how well you’re doing working to get there AND you won’t know when you’ve arrived.

Achievable. What you’re aiming for has to be physically possible. For example, if Sally is 50 years old and 5’2″ tall, she’s never going to be an Olympic high-jump champion. This is NOT to say, however, she shouldn’t challenge herself and set a goal higher than she thinks she can manage (if you want to hit an eagle, aim for the moon!).

Realistic. Not only does your goal have to be possible, but it’s got to be sensible. For example, if Sally wants to lose 10 stone (which IS achievable), she can’t do it in 2 weeks (that’s NOT realistic).

Time-bound. Your goal must have a deadline. If it doesn’t, then you’ll slack off and tell yourself you’ll get there “whenever”.

In my next post I’ll share a simple tip with you for making even the biggest and most challenging goal easier to reach then you’d even believe possible.