Exercises Classes: Five of the Best for Women

With winter’s arrival many of us will move our outdoor activity indoors; well, for a few months at least. Of course, if you’re not already exercising, now is a great time to begin. Exercise classes are a great way to start; offering both exercise and the social element we at NuBeginnings feel really helps.

The sociability of classes can often offer more motivation than other forms of exercise – simply because, we tend to enjoy the talking and communicating.

If your most recent trip to the gym was last winter, or even if haven’t been since Santa stopped bringing you gifts, there’s still a class for you – here are some of NuBeginnings’ favourites.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women – Boxercise


Like most cognitively functioning adults, we don’t often find that violence is an attractive trait. However, it’s hard to ignore the simple fact that boxers and fighters look amazing and this is where Boxercise steps in and points the way – peacefully! Simply, you train like a boxer but just don’t engage in the one-on-one stuff. It’s an amazing workout and amazing for strengthening your core, while also burning a load of calories. Not to mention a great stress busting work out.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women – Skipping

As kids, skipping was one of those simple, everyday playground rituals. However, it’s an amazing calorie burner and also provides a raft of other benefits including improving your balance, speed and coordination. Skipping is also a glorious way to get fit, quickly. And due to the amount of energy burned it’s a great weight loss exercise as well. It also costs very little, you can skip anywhere and only a short session can have notable benefits.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women – Yoga

This exercise must be doing something right, especially considering it has existed for over 5,000 years and has a larger following than ever. It is the perfect way to limber up and also to improve your mind and strengthen your body. It also can be great for posture and due to the breathing exercises involved it has been proven to reduce stress significantly.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women – Water Aerobics

Water provides noteworthy levels of resistance and this can be utilised to create a workout that provides both cardio and strength training. Participants use flotation devices and don’t touch the floor throughout the exercise – meaning it’s a lot different and a lot more fun than those long, arduous jogs.

Also worth noting is that your body also weighs 90% less in water and so your joints are under less stress – something that can really benefit those with bad knees or joint problems. Water aerobics uses water as a natural resistance and so provides weight training, while the effort expended helps increase your fitness and stamina levels.


Pilates uses a series of stretching and conditioning exercises to strengthen your body and to build the body’s core area. Pilates is a great way to tone up and also prevents injury. It’s also ideal for those with back issues.

Pilates class is generally taught on a mat and it’s worth noting that large part of the exercise is breathing related – great for creating calmness. It’s a fantastic form of exercise and one that’s highly recommended by those who partake in it.

Of course, any sort of exercise will have benefits. However, if you enjoy the social aspect then you may find you are also pushed by the motivation of classes. So, have a good natter and enjoy your workout.

Victoria Wills (Founder of NuBeginnings)