We’re questioning the Sanity of Humans: 4 of the Strangest Exercise Devices of all Time

In one of my previous posts I showcased just some of the crazy claims regarding diets people have done over the years. So, as a compliment to that I’ve come up with a showcase of some of the amazingly absurd weight loss exercises and fitness products produced and purchased through the years. Here’s a list of a few of the most horrifying and bizarre products ever seen on this green earth.

Horse Riding Fitness Ace

Silly exercise stuff

If you like to ride a horse in front of the TV, and who doesn’t, this is the product for you. The machine was created in Korea and used to simulate a horse ride. It claimed to aid core strengthening among other areas. However, aside from looking crazy it was renowned for causing RSI and met few of its health claims. It’s a device for those who like a walk (or ride) on the wild side, it looks bizarre in the home and will most likely do more harm than good.

Face Trainer

This device claims it can help build muscles and tone your face through the use of repetitive movement. It was sold in the US. It essentially looks like a neoprene version of Hannibal Lector’s mask. The device supposedly works 44 muscles in the face and helps them in becoming stronger and creates a natural lift. According to experts it’s in no way effective and simply looks silly. The best you can hope for is that the exercises that are associated with the device will provide some tone.

Hawaii Chair

Weight Loss Exercises

The idea behind this is novel – you just sit there and the exercise is done for you. It’s perfect for losing weight while at work, watching TV and any other sedimentary time. It also claims it helps strengthen the core, buttocks and legs. However, according the experts a rotating chair like this would damage the spine and do little to strengthen the body.

Tread Mill Bike

The tread mill bike is an interesting concept and one that looks as bizarre as it is. The bike uses a tread mill on a scooter shaped device to power it instead of pedals. Aside from the obvious issues with balance; it makes no sense at all – why not just run where you’re going? It’s possibly the strangest piece of exercise equipment ever conceived but on the upside it gave us a giggle.

There is no magic pill to losing calories, only time tested behaviours that produce results. Aside from looking foolish, these devices can even cause injury – so, next time you’re tempted by an infomercial – maybe change the station.