If you stand at the bottom of a mountain and look all the way up to the top… you not only get a crick in your neck, but you can also get that awful sinking feeling as you realise just how far it is to the summit… and how hard it’s going to be to get there.

And it’s the same if you’re overweight and you set a challenging goal… and then realise how much weight that involves losing and how long it’s going to take you.
At NuBeginnings weight loss boot camp we want the view to be as good as possible.

I know from my own experience how daunting this can be – when I was 21 stone the thought of having to lose something over 10 stone (half my body weight!) was almost overwhelming.

So, what to do about it? Suffer and do it anyway? Or just give up and settle for being overweight?

No. Of course not.

The trick is to set yourself frequent, small but challenging mini-goals along the way, and write them down with a date you want to achieve them by, just as I described in my last post.

Then, start working towards your first mini-goal, promising yourself some reward (it doesn’t have to be big, but it’s wise to make it worthwhile so it’ll pull you towards it).

Now, this WORKS. And it works because each mini-goal is inexorably taking you towards your ultimate goal… but it’s small enough not to be overwhelming.

Again, I stress: write these goals down AND put them in the form of a proper plan – because if you don’t, you’ll lose track and without your mini-goals and plan to guide you, you’ll almost certainly miss your ultimate destination.