Soup, Soup, Glorious Soup: 5 Great Weight Loss Soup

If you were listening to my teleseminar the other day then you will know that I am a big fan of soup. Filling, nutritious and easy to digest.

It’s hard not to notice the drop in temperature of late and the darker, shorter evenings. Unfortunately, many of us want nothing more than comfort food – often high calorie comfort food.

Soup, however can be both a great comfort food and also healthy. Depending on the soup you make, it can be extremely high in nutrients and also relatively low in calories – oh, and most importantly it’s also delicious and full of flavour and warmth.

Another great thing about soup is that it has been proven that including soup as part of your meal drastically reduces the number of calories you eat during the entire meal and keeps you feeling full for longer.

Soup can also be kept for long periods of time. Freezing soup ensures it lasts for months on end and can be simply thawed and heated, quickly. This means that whenever you feel like a no hassle meal, soup is your friend.

Here are some delicious weight loss soup ideas:

Tomato and Vegetable

This one is full of all sorts of nutrients and goodness and has its fair share of antioxidants as well. Of course, aside from this it is also very tasty, hearty and warming making it an ideal soup for this weather.

Curried Pumpkin Soup

Autumn and winter is the time for pumpkin and other similar vegetables such as butternut squash. Both are very versatile and also provide a range of vitamins and minerals and also very high in fibre – something many of us don’t get enough of and something vital for good healthy tummies.

Black bean and Ham Soup

This one has a certain Caribbean feel to it and the beans are great for protein and also fibre. It’s a very tasty soup with a range of vegetables and a bit of a kick from the Jalapeno pepper and paprika – both of which also have health giving properties.

The ‘I need more veggies’ soup

As you can full well imagine there is a purpose of this soup. It offers the perfect punch of vegetables and also nutrients and is also very tasty and filling thanks to the beans involved. It’s not tasteless in any way, shape or form due to the spices and herbs used.

French Soup

For those who want to go a little continental a little French soup never goes amiss and this recipe is the perfect one if you want a little taste.

Soup offers the perfect versatile food and is full of nutrition and goodness and should stave off those nasty winter cravings for heavier foods. We advise you to keep your freezer stocked and should you need some, just ping it in the microwave for five minutes – simples.