I have just heard that Weight Watchers in New Zealand has hooked up with McDonalds with the somewhat bizarre claim that they “Approve” of three menu meals as part of the Weight Watchers programme.

At our weight loss boot camp we are bemused by several things about this.

Firstly that food can either be Approved of or Disapproved of. It doesn’t really help to think of foods in these terms.

Secondly you can eat Anything and achieve weight loss if you remain entirely dedicated to portion control. It is possible to live on mars bars and lose weight. That does not make it a good idea!

At NuBeginnings fat farm the focus is on improving your health whilst reducing your fat levels (if necessary).

The three menus that are approved of by weight watchers are: Chicken wrap, 6 chicken McNuggets or Filet-o-Fish all served with salads and either a diet drink or water. If you like these foods you can find delicious versions of them all over the place. If you like McDonalds then it is unlikely that these are your favourite choices.

Weight Loss should really be thought of as fat loss. Simply watching the numbers on the scale go down isn’t enough. Are you achieving your goals in a healthy and happy way? I suggest that McDonalds is perhaps not the dream location for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.