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Losing weight is never as easy as it seems it should be. Life has a funny habit of getting in the way. Here are some of our top tips from the UK's only Weight Loss Boutique Boot Camp, ideas on where you might want to focus and of course random thoughts. Take your time to read our weight loss blogs and understand more about weight loss from me Victoria Wills. I have been there and achieve great weight loss, it's why I launched the NuBeginnings weigh loss boot camp and why I share my thoughts on this page in my weight loss blogs. If you have an idea of something you would like to know more about then please drop us a line and we shall do our best to add it in there. Dig in and see what interests you.

Do you see yourself as you are?

Posted on 11th May 2016 in Weight Loss, weight related problems category.
Do you see yourself as you are?

So do you see yourself as you are? I saw this article in the Daily Mail today and it got me to thinking… Five years for us to admit to ourselves that we no longer look how we think we do. Can that possibly be true. Well yes – I rather suspect it might well… Read More

Motivation, procrastination and pain

Posted on 1st May 2016 in Motivational Advice category.
motivation, procrastination and pain

I have had one of those days today. One of those days where everything just seemed unnecessarily difficult. I had all the motivation of an unmotivated sloth. A breed not famous for their go get ‘em attitude to life. Motivation, procrastination and pain – the key. I have had 2 months to do my homework… Read More

judging of women based on their size and shape

Posted on 11th April 2016 in Weight Loss category.

The endless judging of women based on their size and shape seems to be getting sillier and sillier. First we were supposed to look down on the miserably thin, unhappy and unhealthy models wandering down the cat walk. I mean some of them certainly do look pretty unwell but hey-ho. Each to their own. There… Read More

Food issues

Posted on 17th March 2016 in Weight Loss, weight related problems category.

Most of the people reading this have some kind of Food issues. Else you know someone who does, or you are working with people who do, or something along those lines. If that’s not the case I have no idea why you would be reading my words of wisdom as that pretty much is what… Read More

Diet pills

Posted on 28th February 2016 in Weight Loss, weight related problems category.
Diet pills

The Sunday papers were awash with crazy articles today. I ended up ripping 4 of the features out of the paper. Normally I am gripped by the silly diet advice. Today though my old friends the Diet pills were back on the agenda. This is the article from the Sunday Times: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/article1672756.ece Who knew? I have written… Read More

Control what you can

Posted on 11th February 2016 in Motivational Advice category.
Control what you can

Picking your battles or how to Control what you can. This is one of those issues that can torpedo more than just weight loss efforts. It can destroy any efforts for change, be they in the workplace, home or personal goals. This is well demonstrated by the following Robin Skynner quote… “If people can’t control… Read More

Gut health and weight loss

Posted on 20th January 2016 in Weight Loss category.
Gut health and weight loss

Gut health and weight loss is closely linked. Your digestive system has its own communication system and affects much more of your health than anyone previously believed. The link between certain bacteria in the gut and depression symptoms has been proven. Difficult to believe that what is going on down below can have such a… Read More

Stress and your weight loss

Posted on 12th January 2016 in Weight Loss category.
Stress and your weight loss

Stress and your weight loss are intrinsically linked. Once again I am lampooning the calorie in versus calorie out argument. Your level of stress has no direct effect on your intake of calories and OK it has a bit of an effect on the number of calories burnt as your heart rate goes up. But… Read More

Hormones and weight loss

Posted on 6th January 2016 in Weight Loss category.
Hormones and weight loss

Hormones and weight loss are intrinsically linked. Hormones are more than just what puts a wriggle in your stride (how’s that for a tortured metaphor)? They are controlling much more than you think they are. Hormones actually regulate huge amounts of what is going on in your body. Insulin is a hormone – the one… Read More

Dangerous and stupid

Posted on 3rd January 2016 in weight related problems category.
dangerous and stupid diet drugs

  I have written about the dangerous and stupid things that people do to lose weight before. I write about it from a place of knowledge because I have done more than a few of them myself over the years. I wrote a few months ago about DNP and why it’s so dangerous. This guy… Read More

92% Failure rate for everyone

Posted on 1st January 2016 in Uncategorised, Weight Loss category.

There is a 92% failure rate on all New Year’s Resolutions. Isn’t that a sad statistic?? Why on earth do we believe that on the 1st of January we are suddenly going to be able to live our lives in a radically different way? There is no magical pixie (that I am aware of) who is… Read More

Is a Weightloss Workshop right for you?

Posted on 3rd December 2015 in Uncategorised, Weight Loss category.
Weightloss Workshop 5 pillars

It’s that time of year when all we see and hear about is food, glorious food – and drink and then more food. Not so much a time for thinking about Weightloss Workshop and how to make 2016 a great year. It’s a time for celebration and family and friends and all sorts of lovely… Read More

stress and losing weight

Posted on 21st October 2015 in Weight Loss, weight related problems category.
stress and losing weight

The link between levels of stress and losing weight is a really interesting one. It’s also a connection that people fail to appreciate as being a bit of a game changer. I am moving house today. As I sit here typing there are three (I think Polish) men squirrelling through my every possession slamming them… Read More

When is it good value?

Posted on 30th September 2015 in Reviews of NuBeginnings, Weight Loss category.
When is it good value?

One of the questions I am most often asked is “When is it good value?” about the value of a stay at NuBeginnings. There is no amount of wealth that can make up for poor health. So for that reason alone NuBeginnings is exceptionally good value. There’s no denying it – we are not a… Read More

Guidelines for Successful Eating Out

Posted on 27th August 2015 in Weight Loss category.
Guidelines for Successful Eating Out.

People often think that eating out is just too difficult when they are trying to lose weight. However there are some really easy things you can do that will make all the difference. So what are the guidelines for successful eating out? I have yet to find a menu in a restaurant where it is… Read More

The truth about 2,4-Dinitrophenol

Posted on 20th August 2015 in Motivational Advice, Weight Loss category.
The truth about 2,4-Dinitrophenol

Have you ever heard of  2,4-Dinitrophenol? More commonly called DNP. It is a diet drug that was removed from the market in the USA in 1938 but is still available as a fertiliser. The truth about 2,4-Dinitrophenol is that it is dangerous. There is no such thing as a safe dose.   The truth about 2,4-Dinitrophenol So… Read More

Graston Technique

Posted on 21st July 2015 in Motivational Advice category.
Graston Technique

Have you ever heard of the Graston technique?? I hadn’t before this morning. But I am getting ahead of myself – let me start from the beginning… As you know I am constantly looking for new and interesting training methods, food facts and things that are going to make your weight loss journey (and mine)… Read More

Margarine is not healthy

Posted on 20th July 2015 in Weight Loss category.
margarine is not healthy

There is no arguing with this one – margarine is not healthy. Lots of people will tell you it is a good choice. After all it is lower in calories and saturated fats so it must be the better option right? Wrong. Margarine is not healthy The issue is that spreadable “butters” or “butter substitutes”… Read More

luxury boot camp

Posted on 17th July 2015 in Reviews of NuBeginnings category.
luxury weight loss boot camp

One of the problems I have when talking to you about NuBeginnings is telling you about what we do without people assuming I am just making things up. So I am always pleased to have an independent review to share with you. Here is our latest review from a blogger on NuBeginnings luxury boot camp. There… Read More

Health foods that are anything but

Posted on 12th July 2015 in Weight Loss category.
Health foods that are anything but.

The articles proclaiming what is healthy and what is not abound at this time of year. Some of them are so silly it makes my teeth itch. Some of them though send you looking for health foods that are anything but healthy. So here is my list of the things most people believe to be… Read More

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