Someone asked me this the other day and I have been sitting here wracking my brain as to the perfect answer….

Firstly there is no such thing as perfect – even when we think there might be it is always an illusion – however you may not be interested in my pop philosophy so I shall reign myself in and simply answer the question.

The perfect NuBeginnings guest is the person who turns up ready to listen, learn and do. When you arrive it can be a bit daunting – who will you be staying at NuBeginnings with? What does your stay hold in store? Those kinds of things.

We simply ask that for the time you are with us you have a go at everything we suggest – the eating rules for example. Also that you enter into the therapies with an open mind – ready to see what positive effect they have on you. Finally of course is that you turn up to each and every exercise session – even on the day when you might not feel like it.

If you can do those things then you are indeed the perfect NuBeginnings guest.

And speaking of guests a big well done to last week’s guests who lost an impressive 9.8lbs each (on average). Well done ladies and keep up the good work!